Air Conditioning

Why should you schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

A lot of home-owners are wary of signing a year-long agreement with an HVAC repair and maintenance company, because of the expense. A thorough preventive maintenance strategy can give you peace of mind that your system is professionally inspected and serviced. A Maintenance Club for residential equipment is an investment in your home because it might save you money in the long run by preventing more expensive repairs later on.

The following are reasons it is important to hire an HVAC specialist to perform maintenance on your system. Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling are your trusted experts in Durham, Hillsborough, and Chapel Hill.

Preventing an uncomfortable home and expensive repairs

Scheduling routine heating and cooling maintenance helps keep HVAC dysfunctions and subsequent expenses at a minimum. Ensuring good sense of well-being while also avoiding pricey urgent repairs. When it comes to HVAC repairs, the best way to avoid major expenses is by scheduling routine maintenance.

Saving money by being efficient

You want your HVAC system to run as efficiently as possible, and routine servicing can supply the highest levels of functionality.

An energy efficient system helps you save money by simply using less energy to heat or cool your home. Like an analog tune-up is required on your car, a central system requires a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it maximizes its potential with minimum wasted energy.

A central air conditioning system is the most efficient way to cool your home. A good professional will have all the tools needed to properly service your HVAC system and make sure that it is running all season long.

Help keep your system last longer

As a homeowner, you should feel comfortable in your home, as well as, comfortable with your HVAC service provider. Repeatedly using the same HVAC company for your routine maintenance builds rapport and allows the contractor to understand your requirements. They get to know you, your family, and your comfort needs.

Many service companies may provide discounted rates for their Maintenance Club clients. As a maintenance customer you may also receive priority service in the event of an emergency, compared to customers without a maintenance program.

Giving yourself peace of mind

Routine preventative maintenance cannot eliminate all repairs, but it can offer peace of mind to your equipment that it is performing efficiently. It may also help prevent larger and more costly repairs when you are least expecting it.

As with most Maintenance Clubs, most incorporate an array of tests, visual inspections, cleaning certain parts, and adjusting operational controls to maximize your equipment’s operation .

How much and how often you should maintain your equipment depends on what it is and what it is used for. Most Maintenance Clubs include a number of different tests, inspections, and cleaning to ensure your equipment’s normal operation as well as its safety. .

Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling can provide you with a maintenance checklist that will instill trust and peace of mind.  Contact us now to learn more!