Trane hvac

Switching to a Trane heat pump

Trane makes a conscientious effort to develop smarter and better choices for our environment. For this reason, they are educating customers by providing information on efficient HVAC systems and eco-friendly home comfort solutions, such as heat pumps, in hopes that one day we might fully electrify our climate.

Why switch to an electric heat pump?

The transition to electrification is going to decrease the burning of fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes. Such a shift will raise health, air quality, the environment, and savings as well. Renewable energy is the fastest growing form of energy in the country, with many homeowners opting to change some or all of their heating systems to electrically powered models.

As people become more conscious of the effects of climate change, electrification is growing in popularity as a means for reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, advances in technology have made electric appliances far more appealing and more affordable than ever before.

Lower bills

Switching from a common HVAC system to an electric or hybrid one can increase efficiency by around 80% to 99%. Because a heat pump transfer heat instead of creating it’s own, it is much more efficient in keeping your home warm.

More affordable systems

The biggest barrier historically was the cost of purchasing and installing heat pump or hybrid system equipment, but new technology has made this cost less expensive as it’s made electric-based systems more streamlined.

More control when heating your home

Heat pumps and hybrid systems offer uniform heating, unlike conventional gas-powered HVAC units that often produce uneven temperatures due to lack of maintenance or incorrect sizing. Heat pumps create a more comfortable feel inside your home, in every room in your home.