A Homeowner’s Guide to Smart Thermostats in Raleigh

For those of us that aren’t too tech-savvy, the newest technology in thermostats; mainly smart thermostats, may seem a little overwhelming. Maybe you’re afraid they’re too technical for you. Maybe you just want to stick with what you’re used to – that small, white box hanging on your wall. If any of these scenarios sound […]

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R410A Refrigerant: Is It Really Better Than R22?

You may have heard talk about R410A refrigerant, and how it’s the new standard for HVAC. But how true is this? Is it really worth it to buy a new air conditioner just to use a different refrigerant? Read on for Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling’s top reasons why you should be using R410A refrigerant. […]

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NASA Secret Helps Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration completed a study into which house plants are best at eliminating toxins and improving indoor air quality. The study was an attempt to keep the air in space stations pure and breathable for long periods of time. After all, they couldn’t just open the window (vacuum=bad)! The EPA lists […]

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Prepare your home for the BIG Storm!

No, the really BIG ONE How to Storm-Proof Your HVAC Unit  Is your HVAC unit ready to ride out hurricane season? These massive storms can cause some major damage. But we aren’t victims, we can take action to make sure our heating and cooling systems stays safe and avoids damage… and we will. There are a […]

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