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How to Prepare Your Heating System for a Snowstorm

heating system
When snow and ice make their way into the Triangle this winter, you’ll want to be sure that your heating system is well prepared. Here are Boer Brothers’ tips for preparing your HVAC system for a winter storm.

Prepare your furnace for winter in Carrboro, NC

Proper furnace maintenance is critical to keeping your furnace running safely during wintry conditions. Make sure that the furnace is well-fueled. Clean or change out air filters at least once a month. Keep all exhaust pipes clear of any ice or snow build-up. In addition, install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home to protect against potential leaks from an inefficient furnace.

Heat pump maintenance during a Durham snowstorm

Heavy snow or ice on the outdoor unit of your heat pump can reduce its efficiency and cause severe damage. Scrape off thick ice buildup so that the heat pump can effectively enter the defrost cycle. Because the defrost cycle causes the remaining ice to melt, you need to allow it to drain. Clear all snow and underlying leaves from the bottom of the heat pump so that the water can drain out of the unit.

Additional heating system tips for winter

Home generators are a wise investment for homeowners in the Triangle this winter. A power generator will give you peace of mind knowing that your home will be warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Finally, schedule preventative maintenance from Boer Brothers. The last thing you want to happen this winter is for your heating system to break down in the middle of a snowstorm. Prevent surprise HVAC repairs with our preventative maintenance program.

Don’t wait until it starts snowing to see if your furnace or heat pump is working properly. Call Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling to schedule your heating system inspection in the Triangle today.