Ways to Raise Home Humidity in the Triad

Along with colder temperatures, winter also brings lower humidity to the Triangle region of North Carolina. Boer Brothers has some tips to raise your home’s humidity this winter.

Why is low humidity in Chapel Hill a big deal?

The lack of moisture in winter air can affect you, your family and your home. Low humidity dries out skin, causing itching, scratching and peeling. This can cause an increase in sore throats and asthma symptoms. It also increases the presence of static electricity, causing painful shocks and potential damage to electronics. If your hardwood floors separate or crack in the winter, your home likely lacks humidity. Wood will contract, creating gaps in floors and around doors and windows. In addition, energy bills will rise. Moisture makes air feel warmer, which means less heat is needed to feel comfortable. As if winter heating costs weren’t enough, low humidity will force you to turn up the thermostat in order to feel warm throughout the season.

Raise home humidity with a humidifier from Boer Brothers

Humidifiers provide the most effective dry air solutions for homeowners. The type you choose depends on your personal needs. Room-style humidifiers are effective options for single rooms or smaller living areas. They evaporate water to add moisture to a room’s air. These humidifiers are efficient and low-cost options, but they do require some maintenance. For example, you’ll need to change or clean the water resevoir regularly to prevent mold and bacteria. On the other hand, invest in a whole-house humidifier if you need a more thorough humidity solution. Whole-house humidifiers are installed as part of your home’s HVAC system and work by creating water vapor that is then circulated through your air ducts and around the house. This allows maximum thermostat control of humidity and temperature, resulting in increased comfort and efficiency in your home.

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