improve indoor air quality

Improve Indoor Quality This Spring in Durham, NC

improve indoor air quality
Don’t lose the battle with your allergies this spring! Follow these four tips from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling to improve indoor air quality in your Durham, NC, home.

Use kitchen and bathroom vents

Your home comes equipped with mechanisms designed to improve indoor air quality. Use the vents in your kitchen and bathrooms to force pollutants and odors outdoors where they belong.

Spring HVAC maintenance from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring your HVAC system isn’t a haven for dust, mold and mildew. Schedule your spring HVAC maintenance with Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling to keep your home’s air clean.

Change your air filter in Durham, NC

There’s no easier, yet effective way to instantly improve indoor air quality in your home than changing the air filter. Air filters are designed to trap dust, particles and allergens that can make spring unbearable for so many of us. However, a dirty air filter is no use to your HVAC system. Clogged air filters allow those allergens to pass through the ductwork and into your home. In addition, dirty filters decrease HVAC efficiency, resulting in higher energy bills. Change your filter once a month to ensure your home has clean air this spring in Durham, NC.

Improve indoor air quality with air conditioning

It can be really tempting to open all the windows in your home during early to mid-spring in the Triangle. The weather is nice and mild, so why not use it to keep your home comfortable? Well, if you’re trying to avoid allergy attacks this spring, it’s best to keep your windows closed. Open windows will let in all of the pollen, dust and other allergens that plague allergy sufferers in our area. On the other hand, air conditioning provides clean, allergen-free air that keeps your home nice and comfortable. Keep your windows closed this spring for better indoor air quality.