Should I Do My Own Repairs to My HVAC System in the Triangle?


DIY home repairs are a routine part of life for the average homeowner. Nobody wants to spend unnecessary money. But should your air conditioning system be one of the items on your DIY checklist? Probably not! Unless you’re a licensed HVAC contractor, it’s best to leave repairs to the professionals. Here’s why:

It Could Be Dangerous

Air conditioners are powered by electricity. Electrical currents can cause serious bodily harm, even death. Even if you think you’ve turned off the electricity at the breaker box, electrical currents could still be flowing and thus shock you when you begin to work on your unit.

It Could Cause More Damage

Have you ever tried fixing something only to do more damage? Now imagine that it’s your air conditioner. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best not to tinker around or you could cause more damage. What could have been a simple fix could lead to a more serious, and much more expensive, problem. You may have seen YouTube videos on how to change a capacitor, but if it’s not done correctly you may end up with more than a bad capacitor.

Your Warranty

Whether you have a limited manufacturer’s warranty or purchased an extended warranty, it is likely that neglecting to have a certified HVAC technician from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling perform annual maintenance and handle your repairs could ultimately void your warranty.

Neglecting annual maintenance by a professional will lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your unit and a manufacturer will not warranty the equipment unless it has been kept in a good, working condition. Annual maintenance is what keeps your unit clean and functioning properly.

Extended warranties usually function the same as the manufacturer’s warranty. All repairs and maintenance should be performed by a licensed professional such as a technician from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling.

Then What Can I Do in Chapel Hill or Hillsborough?

Change your air filters monthly. This cuts down on dust and pollen in your home as well as helps your air conditioner to operate more efficiently.

Keep the unit clean and free of debris, such as shrubs, tree limbs, and leaves. Dirty condenser coils may cause your unit to blow a fuse, cause a refrigerant leak, or might even be the reason behind problems with your blower or fan motor. Maintenance Clubs will ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency, but in between visits you can perform simply housekeeping around your outdoor units.

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