save energy this winter

6 Tips to Save Energy This Winter in the Triangle

save energy this winter
Winter certainly didn’t skip over the Triangle this year! When it’s this cold for this long, using HVAC efficiently is crucial to lowering your heating costs. Here are Boer Brothers’ top 6 tips to save energy this winter in the Triangle.

Attic and basement insulation

If your attic and basement aren’t properly insulated, they will allow massive quantities of heat to escape as long as the furnace is running. Install new insulation in your home to keep heat inside. This will also prevent your pipes from freezing.

Change your air filter

No home energy saving list is complete without this tip. Simply put, changing your air filter is the easiest and most effective way to instantly make your HVAC system more efficient. Change your filter each month!

Wear layers in Chapel Hill, NC

This one may seem obvious, but we often think to turn up the heat before we consider throwing on a sweater. Your body is constantly producing heat, so why not use it to your advantage? Wear layers so you can save energy this winter.

Save energy this winter with natural light

Leave window blinds open during the day to let in as much natural light as possible. This will raise your home’s temperature so you can turn down the thermostat and still be comfortable.

Turn down thermostat at night

When you’re sleeping, your blankets do the job of keeping you warm. Therefore, you can turn down the thermostat at night to save energy. And if your blankets aren’t warm enough, treat yourself to a new comforter with all your savings! You deserve it.

Weatherstripping and caulk

Along with the attic and basement, warm air will find its way out of cracks and crevices around your doors and windows. Use weatherstripping and caulk to seal the heat inside your home.

In addition to these helpful tips, it’s important to make sure your furnace or heat pump is well-maintained. Schedule your HVAC service with Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling today!