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Put Your Commercial Air Conditioner to Bed for the Winter

commercial air conditioner

Fall Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Just moments ago it seems your commercial air conditioner was being asked to tackle the Triangle’s oppressive heat, now as the first leaves begin to fall you are probably about to begin turning on your heat. But if you shun it now will it be there for you when the first cooler night comes? It is time for your fall HVAC maintenance. To make sure that your customers never know anything but comfortable space, it is the moment to run through your fall HVAC maintenance checklist.

No matter who is doing your maintenance now, this article can help begin a conversation with your provider. Boer Brothers takes pride in helping our commercial partners keep their customers happy by maintaining clean, comfortable indoor air, reducing operating and repair costs and headaches.

Put that commercial air conditioner to bed

You have been riding that AC horse gangbusters all summer- don’t put it up in the stable without care or the system will come up lame. It may seem counter intuitive but the end of summer can actually be a good time to service your air conditioner, particularly if it didn’t receive full service at the start of summer. Follow these steps and avoid any issues when you start your AC back up in April.

Have Boer Brothers clean the coils

The coils are the part of the unit that transfers the heat to outside. When they are dirty it not only causes a loss of efficiency but can also cause corrosion of the thin metal, possibly leading to refrigerant leaks in a non-repairable part of the closed refrigerant system. Let’s not let that situation linger over the winter. Boer Brothers can clean your coils as part of a regular preventative maintenance program.

Examine belts and pulleys for wear

Have you ever left your car sitting for a few weeks or months and when you come back the belts make a loud squeaking sound and the neighbors look at you like maybe they should go ahead and downsize and move out the neighborhood? No, just me? Ok. But those worn belts sitting around all winter can break when the system starts back up and then you will wish they where still squeaking. It won’t happen to new or non-worn belts. Replacing them before they fail is the way to go.

Clean HVAC drains and pans

It happens every spring. AC units start up and there is a blockage in the drain or the ac condensation pans. There may have been a partial blockage in the summer that grows to totally clog the drain. The system starts up and water starts flowing where it doesn’t belong- through the ceiling, into the wall and the rest of your nest egg. Standing water is also to be avoided as it can attract mold, insects and other pests. Clean drains provide peace of mind.

Check refrigerant charge

Refrigerant charge is what allows for efficient cooling. If the charge is correct the system works efficiently and does the job of cooling the space as inexpensively as possible. Even slow leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise the whole system may be empty in the spring as the expensive refrigerant will all be gone.

Spending a little time with your commercial air conditioner will pay off in the long term. We of course are glad to help do this for you. Happy *non-oppressively* hot season to all of you.