Your Best AC Repair Option in Durham

Summer is just around the corner filled with swimming, picnics in the park, and catching a Durham Bulls game. When the temperatures reach into the 90s, you don’t want to be waiting around or have your family suffer in the heat for an AC repair. Start planning for summer early with having your air conditioning unit checked by a professional from Boer Brothers.

AC Tune-ups Are Best Scheduled in the Spring

The best time to schedule a check-up is in spring before the weather heats up. Routine maintenance helps your AC recover lost efficiency, reduce chances of a major break-down, provides the unit longevity and increases your comfort while reducing the cost of running it. Failure to have a routine checkup may cause premature failure of your HVAC system right when you need it the most.

Steps To Take To Keep Your Cooling System Working Better For Longer

There are steps that you can take to help your air conditioner work better for longer. Keep vegetation from growing up around the unit, giving it at least a two-foot clearance. Keep yard waste, such as leaves and grass clippings, away from your AC unit. Change or clean filters on a regular basis, see the owner’s manual for your particular model for instructions on how to do this. Even keeping the filters clean may not enough to keep dirt from collecting in the coils over the years. As the dirt collects, it starts to act like insulation by not allowing the coils to absorb heat. A professional from Boer Brothers can do a proper job getting it back to like new conditions.

Routine AC Maintenance Can Repair Problems Before They Become Bigger

A Boer Brothers professional can see problems before the issues shut your system down. Such as checking the relays to keep an electrical issue from causing the motors to work too hard and overheat. They can also check for refrigerant leaks. A professional can dispose of any refrigerant properly that is cleaned from the system. It is recommended that the refrigerant level be checked every year to maintain the efficiency of your unit. The motor should be oiled, the belts checked, and the precision of the thermostat should also be checked. All these can help avoid any problems in the long run.

Neglecting an Annual HVAC Check Up Reduces Unit’s Efficiency

Neglecting maintenance can reduce your unit’s efficiency costing you more money to run it. Each year of use, your central air conditioning system loses about five percent of its efficiency. You can recover the money spent on regular maintenance just on the day to day operation, let alone what you would save by avoiding major repairs. With a system running at maximum efficiency, there is less wear and tear on it as well.

Be Prepared for Durham Summers With a Well Maintained Central Air Conditioner

Major repairs can potentially cost you three times more than what you will spend on maintenance. Money is not the only thing that you can lose when your HVAC system is down for repair. You do not want to be facing a Durham summer day without it. A well-maintained air conditioning unit will run up to 95% of its original capacity. Boer Brothers can get your air conditioner working at its peak capacity. Schedule a routine professional maintenance to keep your AC happy and you comfy. Call (919) 813-2556.