The Case for Preventive Maintenance and Repair of your Durham Air Conditioner

As Ben Franklin said, “A little neglect may breed great mischief.” In other words, failing to take care of something today may lead to greater trouble down the road. Neglecting to regularly service and repair your Durham air conditioning system can lead to possible serious problems in the future not to mention a greater amount of money out of your wallet. Preventive maintenance and repairs on your AC system are much the same as annual maintenance for your car. If you don’t change your oil, replace belts and filters, the vehicle won’t operate. The same is true for HVAC systems:

“If you spend $30 on an oil change in your car, you will save $3,000 on a new engine,” says Matt Ashwood, president and CEO at Bonded Filter Co., Nashville, TN. “Proper preventive maintenance [for] HVAC equipment will do the same thing.”

Keep your AC Equipment in Top Condition

Preventive maintenance can promote system efficiency, reduce operating costs and help avoid major malfunctions during the peak cooling season. A study done by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers) determined that a central air system with a dirty coil would cost hundreds more to operate during one season. This dollar amount increases substantially when a clogged air filter is added to the equation. These unnecessary costs can be reduced and even avoided completely with proper preventative maintenance.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Improves Efficiency

The Department of Energy states that neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. A regular check-up and repair of your Durham air conditioner can counteract this loss and improve energy efficiency.There are many benefits to maintaining your air conditioning unit. Keeping your equipment in top operating condition can save you approximately 20% in utility costs.

Help Your Cooling System Avoid Major Breakdowns

Regular maintenance can reduce the possibility of a serious breakdown of your cooling system by as much as 95 percent. Preventive routine maintenance can save a lot of money on unexpected heating and cooling difficulties. Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of early equipment failures and costly upgrade needs. Through early identification of problems, routine check ups and repairs enable you to be proactive in maintaining your home comfort levels throughout the year.

Regular Air Conditioning Check-ups Provide Peace of Mind

It is easy to forget about air conditioning maintenance or routine check-ups when temperatures are cooler, and other activities are pressing. However, failure to have your Durham air conditioner tune-up completed prior to the warmer seasons can lead to unforeseen problems during those early days of operation. A system that has a part that is on the verge of failing, for example, might breakdown at its first use of the season. However, preventive maintenance enables such an issue to be identified before that worn part can fail even further. Routinely scheduling AC system check-ups with Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling can relieve the worry of last minute repairs and give you peace of mind that your system will be at its peak performance once the warmer weather arrives.

AC Unit Enhances Living Conditions

The primary focus of preventive maintenance is the mechanical portion of your home cooling system; however other parts are important as well. The integrity of the ductwork in your home is also key to the performance of central air conditioning units. If leaks are present in your ductwork, this can represent a 40 percent loss of energy. Dirt and dust can clog ductwork which can also affect the health of members of your household. Being proactive in scheduling regular inspections can go a long way in enhancing the living conditions of your home. AC system maintenance and repair are recommended to improve both home performance and indoor air quality.

Maintaining and keeping every part of your Durham air conditioner in working order results in less strain and stress on the entire system. In the long run, a well-maintained air conditioning system performs more efficiently, saving energy and money, and extends the lifetime of your equipment. The air conditioning system is such a valuable investment in your home that it makes great sense to take care of it. To schedule your AC System tune-up and maintenance call Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling at 919-813-2556.

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