The Best Time for a New AC Installation in Durham

When your air conditioning breaks down during a heat wave, you have no choice but to repair or replace it immediately. But how do you decide between repairing and replacing your AC in Durham? There are a few signs that suggest that it may be in your best interest to replace your AC rather than repair it.

  • Your AC is more than eight years old. Due to advancements in technology, if your system is over eight years old, a new system would be significantly more energy efficient. And the older a system is, the higher the chance of a breakdown.
  • Frequent breakdowns. If your AC has been in need of repairs more than once in the past year, you should consider replacement. Financially it makes more sense to put money toward a new AC than to keep pouring money into an old one each time it breaks down.
  • Low performance. If your AC is not cooling evenly and some rooms seem cooler than others, that’s a sign that your system isn’t working well. Some other signs of low performance are excessive humidity, an increase in noise, and low air flow.

These signs often mean that your air conditioning system is not running very efficiently and worst case scenario that it’s on the verge of a breakdown. If you are lucky enough to get a warning from your AC before it breaks down, you may be able to repair or replace it before you find yourself in a hot, sticky situation. You may find that some simple repairs will have your AC up and running again without breaking the bank. But if the repairs are going to be costly, you should seriously consider whether or not your money would be better spent on a new AC. If you’re unsure, get the opinion of an experienced technician from a reputable HVAC company like Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling who have the expertise and experience to recommend the best option for you.
If you do decide that a new AC system is the best option for you, you are coming upon the best time of year for replacement. Just a few weeks from the start of fall, the weather will soon be cooling down. Fall is the best time of year to have a new air conditioner installed in the Durham area. Cooler weather is best for replacement because you won’t suffer from the heat while the installation is taking place. Also, because the weather is cooler, the demand for AC systems is lower, which may mean reduced prices on new systems.


If you’ve been thinking about replacing your AC, the perfect time of year is almost upon us. Contact Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling to make an appointment for a free consultation. The Boer Brothers have been in business since 2007 providing heating and cooling services to Durham, NC and the surrounding area. Expert technicians will correctly install the best air conditioning system for your home or provide prompt and thorough pair service of your unit so it can be up and running in no time. Call today,(919) 813-2556.