Should I Schedule My Fall Heating Tune-Up Before It Gets Cold in Triangle?

After a long Summer, it’s finally Fall. Yay!! With record-breaking temperatures in the Carolinas, it’s hard to imagine needing to turn your heat on, but you will before you know it. Winter is just a short time away and you should make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. 

Here are some things to remember to prepare for winter.  Make sure to check your windows and doors for cracks and potential leaks. Caulk your windows and replace the weather stripping on your doors. Don’t forget to get the winter blankets from the closets or storage bins and get them ready for use. It’s not a bad idea to do a visual inspection of your heating system if it is accessible. Take a look at the indoor furnace or air handler to see if you see any noticeable visual problems; such as water, tearing of the ductwork, or torn insulation.  But most importantly, make sure you schedule your Fall Heating Tune-Up with Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling before it gets too cold!

Why Schedule a Fall Tune-Up? And Why Schedule It Before Winter?

A Fall Tune-Up gets your heating system prepared for the impending cold temperatures. Your highly-trained HVAC technician from Boer Brothers will ensure that your unit is clean and working properly. If your technician finds a problem, then they can fix it before it gets to be a bigger problem or before it’s cold. If a problem isn’t discovered until winter, then you may find yourself without heat while waiting on parts for a repair.

Just as summer is a busy time for HVAC technicians, so is the winter. Whenever there are extreme temperatures, heating and air conditioning techs are busy. If you have an emergency during winter, you may experience longer wait times. A Fall Tune-Up is all about prevention: preventing problems with your heating system and preventing you from having to wait in the cold while they’re fixed.

A Fall Tune-Up is also about keeping it clean. A dirty and dusty unit causes unnecessary wear and tear on your heating unit and can potentially be unsafe. 

A Fall Tune-Up is also about safety. Your certified HVAC technician will ensure that your unit is safe to use. Learn more about Boer Brothers Preventive Maintenance plan for your home’s heating system.

Keep to a Regular Maintenance Schedule for Your HVAC System in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham, NC

Keeping to a regular maintenance schedule is a great habit to keep for the longevity and health of your furnace. Having a trained service technician ensure your furnace is in good, working order and running effectively and efficiently is crucial to maximizing the lifecycle of your furnace. A regular maintenance schedule keeps your unit clean, cuts down on unnecessary wear and tear, and gives you peace of mind that you’ll stay warm all winter long. It also protects your manufacturer’s or extended warranties.  Read more about the importance of HVAC equipment maintenance.
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