Our Response to COVID-19

We wanted to reassure all of our customers during this time of high concern around the coronavirus. We recognize that our technicians are coming into your homes and places of business and we very much care about the health and well being of your family and our work family. We wanted to let know what is happening behind the scenes to keep everyone safe while maintaining as much normalcy as possible. Fortunately, we already have in place good workplace health and wellness strategies so our team is well versed. Still, we are going to some lengths to educate employees about preventing the spread of illnesses and taking extra measures.

Our office staff

We have put a plan in place that has allowed our staff to work remotely since March 17th, but for anyone stopping in to the office:

  • We are keeping our hands washed
  • We have hand sanitizer on each desk, and in other high traffic areas as well as the entrance and exit of the buildings
  • We are making sure surfaces are clean and sanitized.
  • Making sure staff are not sharing computers or any other equipment

Our Technicians

Using hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of each call, we have some plans to make our own if we run out sanitizing tools utilized during service calls:

  • Canceling scheduled training and meetings
  • Allowing staff to take sick time as appropriate if they or a family member are ill
  • Wearing disposable shoe covers when we enter your home
  • We have been practicing strict protocols with everyone social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing  

Please notify us of any direct concerns or questions. Together we are going to get through our current challenge like we always do…