Common repairs your heating system may need

When you wake up to a cold home, it’s a startling realization to find out the heater isn’t working! There are many reasons that can cause a heater to malfunction.

At times, replacing batteries in your thermostat is all it takes. Most of the times, however, it may be essential for a professional to inspect your heating and cooling system. Also, don’t forget to schedule annual maintenance with your furnace.

Typical Repairs

The most typical reasons for unexpected heater breakdowns usually occur when temperatures drops suddenly, which is why we advocate heater maintenance each year. Since there are several different common repairs needed for heating systems it is usually possible to prevent breakdowns.

If your heater is not working, you may want to try flipping the breaker on the unit. Sometimes during the holidays the extra energy usage can flip breakers. This can also occur during cold snaps when your system is suddenly running much harder and for a longer period of time than normal.

Checking your thermostat

Sometimes, the thermostat could be the problem if your heater has stopped blowing heat. Check your thermostat’s batteries and make sure it’s heating or cooling. If the schedule is set to cool, the thermostat will not call for heat. Sometimes, a programmable thermostat can get out of sync during a power outage.

Heat not blowing

Indoor blockages in your vents can block air circulation, making the heater overheat and shut down. Pay attention to any signs that can indicate that return air intakes are blocked. You’re probably surprised at how often this happens. You should also make sure your filters have been recently changed and are clean to prevent restricted air flow.

The heat pump may not be powerful enough

Take care with which kind of heating you use during the cold months if your state is in the south. Electric heaters may not be able to maintain the heat like those furnaces powered by gas or oil furnaces. If you do have more than heat pump then you should make sure that the auxiliary furnace is set to run.

If you find that your heat is not working you may want to call the heating professionals at Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling. Our experienced technicians will be able to quickly repair your heating problems, contact our office today to schedule your heating service appointment.