5 Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC

Your home heating and air-conditioning system is very similar to your automobile. You would never consider driving your car for thousands and thousands of miles without some sort of tune-up or maintenance on the engine. Well, the equipment for your heating and air-conditioning system, regardless of what type of system you have, needs periodic maintenance too. 

Most equipment manufactures require proof of regular maintenance to validate warranty for any parts. All reputable HVAC contractors offer some sort of Maintenance Club, here are the benefits and what you should look for when shopping for a maintenance agreement.

Maintenance helps prevent breakdowns in your Chapel Hill home

Research indicates regular HVAC maintenance can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. Many contractors refer to their Maintenance Clubs as “preventative or planned maintenance agreements.” A maintenance visit is designed to “prevent” emergency breakdowns by catching a problem before it presents itself.

A few of the ways a technician checks for potential issues include, meter voltage, amperage, check wiring, and measure sub-cooling temperatures. Most contractors have a “checklist” you can peruse and familiarize yourself with exactly what a technician does during a maintenance visit.

Increase the life expectancy of your HVAC system in Durham, NC

Equipment manufacturers expect homeowners to keep the system in good working condition because it will save them money in the long run. No one wants to pay for an untimely HVAC system replacement.

By scheduling a routine maintenance at least annually, if not twice a year, helps keep components lubricated; wearable items such as capacitors and contactors replaced; and the filters changed. As a result, you will increase the life of the equipment. Similar to regular oil changes increasing the life of your car, maintenance can increase the life of your HVAC system.

You will receive “Priority Service” from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling

Even regular maintenance cannot prevent all repair scenarios and unexpected breakdowns can happen, but as a “preferred” maintenance agreement customer, you will receive priority service from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling in Durham or Chapel Hill, NC.

Priority service means you get your air conditioning or heating system serviced before non-maintenance customers. This means you get to jump in front of the line when service may be really needed. 

Consistent yearly inspections from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling will help build a relationship with your local technician, so he or she can be more familiar with your particular HVAC system or systems. 

You’ll receive discounts on repairs

Despite a technician’s best efforts, some repairs may be needed from time to time. Mechanical systems are prone to failure and wearable components will need to be replaced, however, if you are a preferred maintenance agreement customer, you will receive a discount on any needed repairs. Boer Brothers offers a 15% discount on any repairs.

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During a maintenance visit, a technician should not only inspect your equipment, but also examine your duct work. The duct work which carries the air throughout your home is just as important as the equipment pumping the air.

Checking for damage, loose tape, and proper connections should also be something a homeowner can check periodically as well.

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Lower your utility bills in Durham, NC

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a routine preventative Maintenance Club can save you up to 30% on your annual energy bill. Keeping the equipment in good working condition ensures your system is running at peak efficiency.

A thorough heating maintenance helps safeguard your family against the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The most common cause of carbon monoxide leaks comes from a cracked or failed heat exchanger.

When conducting a heating preventative maintenance, a technician will check for these cracks or any leaks which could be a potential hazard.

Investing in a heating and air maintenance program from Boer Brothers Heating & Cooling will give you the peace of mind that your system is operating at peak performance.

And if something does go wrong, you can trust Boer Brothers to take care of your needs in a timely and professional manner. 

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