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Durham Ice Machine Installation and Repair

For the best service in Durham Ice Machine repairs and installations, contact Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling. When you need expert repair service for your ice machine, one of our experienced technicians will assist you promptly to make sure you will have available ice at all times. It is necessary to have ice ready for whatever application you need: coolers for drinks and food in a grocery store, sports injuries, medical needs, restaurants and bars, and more. If you experience problems with your ice machine, we are available to assist you in Durham with your ice machine repair.

High Quality Ice Machine Repairs

Our knowledge in refrigeration services for area restaurants means that we will arrive in our fully stocked vehicle, with the necessary parts and competency to repair your ice machine efficiently and affordably. It is better to catch the problem early on, to avoid further costly repairs. Our friendly service team will review your situation and prepare a price quote for your Durham ice machine repair. In no time, you will have your predictable and dependable flow of ice available for your business application. If you see frost in your dispenser area, or your ice machine is not making ice, a quick call to Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling will result in a fast and reliable repair. We are very well informed of all of the brands and products in a variety of settings, and will be able to quickly identify the problem area, saving you money on labor and parts.

A Right Fit for Your Existing Space and Needs

There are many factors that we analyze prior to a new ice machine installation. We will need to examine your existing setup for your water line, electricity, your floor drain and available space for air circulation. Hot spots may form near the ice machine from windows or vents, so we will position the ice machine and determine the best brand and model for your unique space and needs. In Durham and Ice Machine installation can be a headache if you don’t know exactly how to install it correctly. Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling has been in the refrigeration industry for years, and our technicians are trained and qualified to diagnose the problem and determine if a Durham ice machine repair or replacement is needed. Call us today for an abundance of ice: 919-813-2556.